Currently Reading: Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

The book is exploding as I write. Only a few pages in and I’m fully aware of what a shit show the Trump campaign was. It was so bad even Trump and his inner circle thought they’d lose.

It is written by Michael Wolff – who in interviews I’ve seen is hawking the book. But I just had to get it and read it.
This from just a few pages in. But as I have said in this and other forums Donald J. Trump aka Cheeto in Chief, the Orange Goblin, and Drumpf – he and his administration are a walking, talking conflict of interest.

I know if from a friend’s story of time at Fidelity where Trump came in hat in hand for funds and they turned him out on the street. Yeah – so a one off that isn’t in the book. I’ll update this post with more as I read but I have a feeling this will be one I can’t put down (Or close the Kindle reader tab in my browser).


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