Movies: The Librarian

So I’ve binged all three The Librarian Movies.

First I have to say it, it’s a little Indiana Jones in its execution. But a fund romp none the less.

In fact The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice  – that had a vampire in it plus old Vlad Dracul too. Apparently in this one he was a vampire too.

But one thing got me – they mentioned a Viginere Cypher – it’s bascially a 26×26 grid of the alphabet that rotates to some degree. It wasn’t cracked until the middle of the 19th century. And for the most part today most people wouldn’t know what it was. For example this paragraph with the key Truthspew is:

Uln huw ilegx aha et – xdxp gxulxsjxu u Opyxrakv Wrwztv – em’j vtzuxehep u 26q26 njxh ky kbx hdelwuvn mosi vkmrnxz ld wkfv xxnjti. Em nulu’l rvwvbyw bfimh myy fpvspa hw nal 19lw gagkokf. Sch bhi nal edwp irlm agseu ffmm wwdthx ninsvc’x ggfq posi mp prm. Yvj tbwfgfx azxw ltiuzysel sbkb mow ziu Miomokeis bj:

And FYI – the number of possibilities in Vigenere is 6.1561195802071573107966742884002e+36 that last part – 36 places after the decimal point. It’s a pretty big number. But it was cracked because certain patterns emerge.

2 thoughts on “Movies: The Librarian

  1. I hadn’t heard of that cypher before.. But it’s pretty cool. There’s a website where you can enter text and have it deciphered.

    For example, John 3:16 (key: jesus) comes out:

    “Osj Agm wg fgeiv nzn agldm, lw asei zck xrds tnkgnlnr kif, clsn oqskiweij vwumwpwcl ah zrq kbgdpv bsei wpwapsmlrry faoi.”

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