Month: January 2018

The general befuddlement and chutzpah of the public

You might know – our weekly shopping takes us to between 2 and 5 places. At one of those places we just have a few items and want to scan out.

There’s two of us in line and the woman at the self checkout is befuddles as to how to scan a coupon and the woman making the  payment takes a good five minutes for the woman to figure out she has to insert her bank card.  That’s the befuddlement part. People can’t really handle having to swipe, tap, or insert their debit/credit cards.

But then the people in front of us get to to the register –  everything scans fine. But then the woman has the chutzpah to take out the store’s coupon book that we all get mailed to us, and page through to see if any coupons apply to items she and her husband have bought. Ut si! Me and someone were rolling our eyes on that one. I think it’s because the store I’m referring to – most of the coupons can be loaded or attached to your membership card and just apply to the sale. No fuss or muss with paper coupons.

Really people, it’s 2018! We’re now firmly entrenched in the 21st century. Learn how to use a POS card reader and prepare by tearing out coupons AHEAD of time or loading them to your card. I mean really – it isn’t cool to inconvenience those waiting to check out.

Life whilst blocking Microsoft Bing

So I have a Windows 10 machine and use the weather app. It works fairly well and is integrated into the Start button.

But I notice weather radar won’t come up. And then I realized why – it’s trying to reach out to Bing for the maps but since I blocked it to prevent Windows 10 from phoning home it can’t. Ha! And sure enough if I login to my firewall I see the attempt coming from my machine getting bit bucketed.

It results in the following:


Now the actual weather works.


And if you look at the forecasted temperatures for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – for January you’ll see the temps we’re seeing for the next four days are well above average for January.


Yes indeed, temperatures that belong in April/May are happening in January. Tell me climate change or global warming isn’t real.

And I realized my Cisco RV110W is getting a bit long in the tooth. Cisco has stopped pushing firmware updates and I’d really like something that could do gigabit Ethernet. Plus I have to change out my cable modem too for something that lets me get the max speed I’m paying for. I’ve got the new modem, just inertia preventing me – as you have to read off teeny tiny print of the devices address to Cox. Replacing the RV110W is easier – I can just export the settings and if I get another Cisco just upload the exported file and all is good. Yeah, I make backup files of all my devices.

Yeasted Belgian Waffles for breakfast today

So for today’s breakfast I made Yeasted Belgian Waffles. I like these – more flavorful because there’s only 5g of sugar in the recipe. Plus diastatic malt powder about 50g of that.

The recipe calls for 620g of whole milk. All I had was goats milk and some buttermilk. That totaled to 510g. But hey in a pinch you use what you’ve got.

Here’s the recipe in all it’s glory. You can let the yeast bloom for 15 minutes to 2 hours. I chose the shorter time period as it is instant yeast in 104F liquid.

And you may note – you’ll need a kitchen scale that does grams. Most can be had for the sub $20 range.

Yeasted Waffles

That little burnt spot – the Searzall fell off the torch – wasn’t horrible though. But the waffles. With scant sugar they were delicious. And the recipe makes about 4 Belgian waffles.

TV: A series I’m binging on

I recall having seen this on the tube some time ago. It’s called The Librarians. Great fun stuff they get up to.

I see the series started in 2014 and ran for 3 seasons – so 2016 was it’s last. But Hulu has 30 episodes on and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

It’s got Noah Wyle who place Dr. John Carter in ER, John LaRoquette who of course we remember from Night Court and a few other shows, Rebecca Romijn who was in the X-Men, Eastwick, and Ugly Betty and then there was John DeLancie  most famous for his portrayal of Q in Star Trek The Next Generation (STTNG), and even Voyager.

Also had appearances by Bob Newhart as Judson. Plus cutie John Harlan Kim as Ezikiel Jones.

Has the requisite magic, time travel, evil villains – and it looks as though it actually ran for 4 seasons. right up to 2018.

Movies: Magellan

So I remember seeing this as a preview a few months ago. It’s gone from theater to Amazon in record time.

Overall not too bad a movie – the tech is pretty much believable but one thing bothered me. On one of the screens there was a metal bracket holding it down. Um, most screens built in the last ten years that aren’t part of a laptop have mounting holes on the back.

The premise is we start receiving radio signals and so a mission is on to find the sources. But the astronaut finds these spheres – they do interesting things. Like toward the end set the movie up for a sequel.

You see once he has all three transmitting stones – they combine and show another signal coming from the Oort Cloud. That’s the belt of dust, rocks etc. just outside the former planet Pluto. And so the AI that controls the ship named Ferdinand (Get it Ferdinand Magellan)

The real Ferdinand Magellan lived back in the 15th century – and he did the first circumnavigation of the globe.

Pretty decent movie – I’d give it 3.5 out of 5.

The Cams of the house of Truthspew

So I got one for the kitchen. It was interesting today watching the workmen – one stood around most of the time whilst the other was busy tearing out the cabinets and sink.

For instance here’s Joe the guy standing around:


Now the scuttlebut is that Joe is dating on and off with the landlady. And better – that when previous tenants who lived upstairs had a cell phone place, he stole a bunch of cell phones.

And here’s Bobby who did most of the work:

There’s another of the crew named Mike who if he comes back is getting a Samurai sword rammed into his chest. And I shall hold what I know about Joe over his head. He doesn’t know how nasty I can play.

And as you can see – the cameras now have location and timestamp information.

Everything is back in but now we’re minus three drawers but we did gain three cabinets. So that’ll be nice. Plus a hell of a lot more counter space – even if there is only one electrical outlet in that part of the kitchen. The plumber is coming back tomorrow to run new lines to the sink. I knew it would be a two day project.

Whoever built this place and whoever put electric power in did a terrible job. I guess those are the pitfalls of living in a place that is 118 years old as of this date.