TV Series: Dirty Money

So Netflix is still producing new content. The latest is a series called Dirty Money and the very first episode titled “Hard NOx” NO is Nitrogen-Oxide – or NO2.

You might be familiar with NO2 particularly if you have an engineering or gearhead inclinsations.  NO2 is used in gasoline engines to hop them up and act as an oxidizer to burn more of the fuel charge. Put it this way, add NO2 to a turbocharged or supercharged car and you’ll get horsepower out the wazoo just by taking advantage of either waste emission or mechanical power from the engine.

Now Diesel engines – they put out lots of NO2, a shame we can’t reclaim it and just burn it up in Gasoline engines.

Anyhow – on to the first episode – The story starts out talking about Volkswagen’s cheating on Diesel emissions tests. The software in the ECU was programmed so that if it sensed the wheels moving, but the steering wheel didn’t move it KNEW they were testing the car on a dyno. Really quite interesting – and it was the U.S. EPA and California Air Resources Board or CARB that picked up the ball and ran with it finally getting and admission from Volkswagen that in fact a defeat device was being used to cheat on Diesel emissions.

But it emerges that not just Volkswagen but Mercedes and BMW also have the very same devices in their Diesel vehicles. It’s just Volkswagen got caught. And the reason for all of this is a loose interpretation of E.U. regulations  – in essence the E.U. sets the policy, but each individual country sets enforcement. And in Germany the government has a rather lackadaisical interpretation of the regulations. So the corruption is endemic in Germany.

And despite the advertisements you really cannot clean up Diesel emissions.

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