Another BJ’s Club post

So we’ve been BJ’s club members for two years now. I find the history of the club to be fascinating. It outlived it’s parent that’s for sure. You see BJ’s was formed from the Zayre’s department stores – but that’s long gone.

Anyhow we’d been patronizing the BJ’s down in Coventry, RI which is exactly 16 miles from here. Google Maps says 19 minutes.

Now I realized we’re closer to Johnston, RI than Coventry, RI. Coventry is southwest of us, whereas Johnston is west of us.

And the BJ’s Club in Johnston is 5.6 miles from us – or 10 minutes. The store is laid out exactly like the one in Coventry. We got there about a half hour before they closed. I note their self checkout registers are a lot faster at processing payments too. So I guess we won’t be going to Coventry anymore.

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