Movies: Black Panther

Saw Black Panther at the movie theater today.  Good movie but the premise is the king of Wakanda  that gets challenged by his cousin.

The title of course is that the God Bast endowed the kings with super panther powers.

Now this movie is of course a Marvel property.

And a few things I have to say:

Bast is the Nubian God of cats.  And Bast became Bastet in Egypt. Nubia was the origin for most of the things we find intersting about Egypt. They essentially copied the Nubians, even employed a number of them to build their pyramids.

So when both the king and his cousin are fighting I had the thought,  just open a family  size contained  of tuna fish if you want them to play nice.  Be sure to portion out some for each. For if there’s one thing I know cats of all stripes can’t resist it’s tuna fish.

And then I got a strong cat woman vibe too. And I do love the cats.

And in honor of all this I am wearing my red “I’m staying in tonight because my Cat Commands it.” Yeah, I love the felids.

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