A good take down of Confederate Monuments

So on youtube I saw this clip:

Now let me expound on this a bit. At the beginning of the video a gentleman says it’s about history. My answer to that is yes it is in fact about history, but we shouldn’t have monuments to the losing side. The south LOST the civil war – get the fuck over it already.

And the video also goes into the fact that the civil war was in fact about slavery  – states rights are just a code word for that.

I’ve been in the south, seen those monument and the first thing that comes to mind is seeing a skull and crossbones flag in South Carolina with the motto “The South Shall Rise Again” My immediate response then is the same I have now, and the North shall kick your ass back to the stone age again.

Because the south did in fact lose to the north. And to the victors go the spoils. Of course those spoils were a unified nation. I sometimes wonder if we paid too high a price on that one, not from the perspective of equality for all but from the perspective of a polluted political system as well as the alt-right and white supremacists. I find most of that latter to be some of the most loathsome people out there. In fact they are the very people I’d tell to get the fuck over it already.

Because whether you like it or not – we as white people are a declining group. That’s why they’re being so noisy right now – they see what I see. But I don’t care – if you can’t see what lay beyond genetic determination of skin color, you’re just a noisy bigot.


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