StackSkills – Studying Deeper Python

So I’m going from the beginning on Python. Haven’t used it some time. But it’s always good to have.

I note – all of the presenters seem to be from the Indian continent. I do wish they’d allow commenting because I’d ask they normalize the volume on the presentations.

And if you’re wondering what Python is – it’s a language and I see lots of parallels with the C language and with BASIC of all things. Interesting. It’s used a lot on the web and in fact my exposure to it came from Zope/Plone.

2 thoughts on “StackSkills – Studying Deeper Python

  1. I’ve played with Python a tiny bit as I’ve been experimenting with a RaspberryPi. It is indeed a bit like BASIC and C both. Looks like a fun language to work with. I was a programmer back in the 1980s before object oriented languages came along, mostly in Pascal, Basic and COBOL, and haven’t really done anything since so it’s been both fun and frustrating.

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