In Support of Joy Behar

So this recently came to my attention. Apparently VP Mike Pence is calling for Joy Behar to apologize for her comments about Christians.

First of all rabid Christianity – and conservatism are likely tied to an enlarged Amygdala – it’s in the reptile part of the human brain is related to our sense of fear. In fact I’ve put forth it’d be easy to scan for this in most people. Just walk up behind them and go Boo. Simple yet effective. If they freak the fuck out – enlarged reptile brain, if not they’re normal.

And I agree with Behar – if you think Jesus is talking to you get yourself to a Psychologist/Psychiatrist. Same goes if you see a bush suddenly burst into flame, or have a vision of Christ on the road to Damascus.

And VP Pence, shut the fuck up already.

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