Movie Saturday

So this evening we went to see A Wrinkle in Time – it should have been called We Took a Few Liberties with the Book.

Interesting movie with the protagonist being a young girl. At the very least they got that part right. And her ability to tame her demons to rescue her father who was, Lost in the Universe. Now one could go with distance or time on this one. But the evil in the movie was self doubt.

And I did say if you wanted to see true evil, you’d see Oprah first thing in the morning before she’s had coffee and been made up properly. Gads scary stuff.

Oh and the one who played Mrs. Whatsit – turning into Brassica and flying – dear non-existent deity a cabbage that could fly. Interesting.

Was it worth $12.50 per person? Nope.

One thought on “Movie Saturday

  1. I remember the book well enough to see the liberties as well. Overall I was disappointed and I can’t figure out why. It was a bit dull in the long run.

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