Today’s traffic fun

So be it known, I live on a one-way street. It’s easy to deal with and I know how to get around it and such. So I’m heading out today, coming up on the left hand side to take the left turn. Have my signal on and everything.

Idiot in a white car is heading the WRONG way right toward me. I don’t blink. I’m in a car with seat belt on, airbags, and a zillion safety features. Plus it’s fully insured and guess who’d be paying for the damage were he to hit the car. He dodged out of the way pretty quick.

Now I’ve seen this same nitwit comes down the street before. Next time I see I’m going to grab the license plate number and notify the local gendarmes and let them deal with it. Might even swear a statement for the cops. Video would be even better.

Hmm – I wonder – if they make an outdoor version of the cameras we have indoors. They have the ability to trigger alerts. Hmmmm.

3 thoughts on “Today’s traffic fun

  1. I live on a 1-way street too, all-be-it a seldomly traveled street. But in the summer when the tourists are here we occasionally get out of state cars going the wrong way.

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