Month: April 2018

Going the Naturopath way

So I had posted that I love the H.P. Hood product – Bailey’s Coffee Creamer. That was until I looked into the ingredients. 20g of sugar per tablespoon. Umm nope. Trying to control the amount of sugar we eat that’s a non -starter.

So I got some half and half, added a bit of vanilla and cocoa powder to it. Works, but it’ missing something. So I looked into natural emulsifiers and thickeners. I’ll have the¬†carrageenin a seaweed derivative, and agar agar – which is a thickener. It think those two might make the mouth feel a little better. And I have resisted adding sugar to it. But there is some research that says carrageenin is a little bit damaging to humans. And it’s a thickener/emulsifier. In fact it’s present in the Bailey’s Coffee Creamer.

Next I have to figure out the caramel coloring – maybe if I caramelize some sugar – not much say 5g for the whole bottle.

YouTube Getting Annoying

So as you all might know I run a couple add-ins in Chrome  РAdBlock+ and ScriptSafe. Well YouTube must have made a change because I have to allow the ad servers on their site. On a regular basis to the point where it is annoying.

I conjecture that it’s because YouTube is pushing the ad revenue thing a bit far.

Here’s America’s Test Kitchen on YouTube. Why it’s trying to hawk insurance to me and why it thinks I’m in Cranston is interesting.


To the point where I guess I’ll just go play some games and make sure I tag google and youtube in this post. Not too the clearly labeled as Ad to Remove Eye Bags with Dr. Oz. Sorry – calling him a Doctor is an affront to M.D.’s the world around. But you see my point. Here’s what I get just using Chrome:

Also too note the little yellow marker in the timeline – that’s an ad that played before the video and annoyed the piss out of me.
Notice what is missing.


Notice no ads at all.

Glorious Weather at last

So it hit 68F today. Almost at the point where this is becoming the norm. Good – it’s nearly May already.

In fact two times this week I could leave the house in sneakers, t-shirt and jeans.

And in fact I realized we hit Mr. Lemon today too. It’s a Frozen Lemonade stand that’s been around since I was a kid. And every year around this time it opens up for the spring/summer season.

And I must say it, I prefer warmer to colder. I despise snow and I think a lot of it is the ignorant mother fuckers who don’t clear sidewalks and the shitty job the city does clearing snow from the roadways. But this year we got very little snow – mostly just a light dust of snow despite the chicken little stuff on Facebook – always cawing the sky was falling – or the White Death From The Sky.

And we did have a few snow events where the amount was between 3 and 7 inches. But those were the exception and not the rule. Even the piles of snow plowed out from big parking lots are starting to melt away at an accelerating rate.

Now if the stupid trees would put leaves out. I hate that stark look they have when the leaves drop off in Fall.

TESS Launch

This one is going be my desktop wallpaper for a time.


Sitting atop a Falcon-9 rocket. Awesome.


Now the key difference between say the Kepler telescope and this baby – there’s a couple key factors.

First – Kepler only looked at a small slice of the universe. TESS on the other hand will be capable of scanning the entirety looking for transit dips that indicate planets. But better this telescope has the ability to detect the atmosphere of said planets and figure out what’s going on.

Kind of like how if you looked at the Earth from a distance, spectography would tell you there’s Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon-Dioxide, and other gases that would show up.

And the acronym TESS stands for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite.



Wherein Rhode Island ITS boards lie

So I was on RI-10 today and the ITS board said “3 minutes to go 3 miles t get to I-95. Now the speed limit on RI-10 is 50MPH. For those who don’t know, 60MPH is one mile per minute hence 3 miles would take 3 minutes. So they’re telling a big old fib on those boards.

And the same is on I-95 – 14 miles 14 minutes – that’s 60MPH. But the limits on that highway are 45, 50, 55. So they’re lying.

Castlevania Level 9 reached

Of course as you can see from the image I went in with 3 lives. Got killed off quickly though.


But better – I can consistently get past level 6 now then to level 7 and then level 8. And this is proof I’m starting to reach level 9. So I’m half way through the 18 levels in this game. I’ll keep plugging and keep playing. See how far I can get.