RI Representative wants to Eliminate Mandatory HPV Vaccinations

So I had to look this woman up.

Rep. Sherry Roberts

Sherry Roberts has served the residents of District 29 (West Greenwich, Coventry) since first being elected in November 2014. She serves on the House Committee on Health Education and Welfare, the House Committee on Judiciary, and the House Committee on Rules.

Born July 29, 1968, she has attended the Community College of Rhode Island and University of Rhode Island. She is retired after having been employed for 16 years with the State of Rhode Island’s Department of Children, Youth and Families.

In her capacity as a Representative, Rep. Roberts serves on the House Corporations Committee, Small Business Committee and is a member of the Solitary Confinement Commission.

Rep. Roberts led the initiative to create the “School to Jobs” program by partnering Coventry High School with Electric Boat- creating a current model for statewide implementation.

Her bio is just vaguely suspect. It says she attended CCRI and URI but doesn’t’ say she graduated from either. That’s interesting.

She represents Coventry and West Greenwich RI. I’ve know that as swamp yankee territory for some time and Rep. Roberts definitely fits the bill.

She said decided to introduce the bill upon the request from citizens who say they were injured by the vaccines.

But it gets so much more interesting.

“It is widely believed that the benefits of receiving the vaccine do not outweigh the medical risks involved, and this decision is best left to parents,” Roberts said. “This legislation will achieve exactly that, to put the vaccine discretion back into the hands of the parents, where it belongs.”

Benefits do not outweigh the medical risks? Really.

Here’s the side effects:

  • Pain, redness, or swelling in the arm where the shot was given(/li>
  • Fever
  • Headache or feeling tired
  • Nausea
  • Muscle or joint pain

In essence side effects that are pretty much common to all vaccines let alone the HPV vaccine.

And where it’s contra-indicated is:

    • Anyone who has ever had a life-threatening allergic reaction to any component of HPV vaccine, or to a previous dose of HPV vaccine, should not get the vaccine.
    • Anyone with severe allergies, including an allergy to yeast, should talk to their doctor before getting the vaccine.
    • HPV vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women. However, receiving HPV vaccine when pregnant is not cause for alarm.
    • Women who are breastfeeding may get the vaccine.
    • People who are mildly ill (low-grade fever of less than 101 degrees, a cold, runny nose, or cough) when a dose of HPV vaccine is planned can still be vaccinated. People with a moderate or severe illness should wait until they are better.

Again par for the course with most vaccines being produced either in chicken egg or with yeasts.

So in essence, Rep. Roberts is blowing smoke up peoples asses here. Her motivation isn’t the harms that she would claim. But I think I know what it is, since HPV is a sexually transmitted disease I have a distinct impression that Rep. Roberts doesn’t want kids , what’s the term de riguere – bumping uglies.

And here’s the other thing, I believe I’ve posted this before. The only thing you can discriminate about regarding people is their education. I claim that Rep. Roberts is a maleducated fool.

4 thoughts on “RI Representative wants to Eliminate Mandatory HPV Vaccinations

  1. what is behind this of course is the conservative belief if you do the HPV vaccine it sends a signal to the girls to go ahead and have sex. Also it will make them think of sex, and go have some (as if they had not thought of it until the vaccine was brought up). Also, the belief if they are not vaccinated they will refrain from sex out of fear of contagion. Nothing I wrote is supported in fact.

  2. People like this representative drive me crazy. There is absolutely zero evidence that getting this vaccine increases sexual activity, which is one of the claims that people like her make. But there IS evidence that not getting the vaccine can lead to a significantly increased risk of cancer. So basically she believes that — what, exactly, that the slightest chance a person might have sex is worse than cancer? Oh my…

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