Why Racists can’t stop fighting the civil war

Interesting article exploring the roots behind the neo-nazi and white supremacists behind the Trump administration.

One question within the article is “Should the statues and other monuments honoring the Confederacy be removed from public spaces? If so, what should be done with them?”

Actually two questions. I’ll answer the first part:

Yes in fact Confederate monuments should be removed from public spaces. I’ll explain why – monuments to those who LOST the civil war tries to glorify the men who thought it was slavery now, slavery forever. Add to that the fact that most of those monuments were put up in the early 20th century and it was a time when Jim Crow was in effect and the KKK was pretty active throughout the United States. So now we know their origin.

The second part of the question as to what to do with the statues once removed – destroy them publicly.


One thought on “Why Racists can’t stop fighting the civil war

  1. I think that a museum would be appropriate, just as nazi memorabilia serves as a reminder of how bad things can be, these statues can also provide valuable lessons. Just like wounded knee and the trail of tears are stark reminders of what happens when you accept decisions of your faulted leaders when deep down, you know it’s wrong but fail to speak out. And racist can’t stop because it the core of the doctrine. Even ancient Israel was filled with Jim Crow laws, setting one group above another, nothing has changed.

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