So I learned the lesson – never grab the handle of a hot cast iron pan. Fortunately I didn’t grab it with my right hand, but my left instead. A small blister on my thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger.

I was doing another spatchcocked chicken – this one I figured I’d try the America’s Test Kitchen technique. Get a cast iron pan ripping hot and dump some oil and the chicken in.

Here’s the chicken all spatchcocked. Getting better at doing a straight line.



Ok, I have to admit the ATK recipe failed. I had to resort to other methods.

Chicken was delicious. And we had a nice Chardonnay with the meal. That’s the way to drink wine – with a meal. i think it’s what explains the French Paradox – if you’re not familiar they eat a lot of heavy fat laden dishes and yet suffer lower rates of heart disease than we in the U.S. the only difference I see is they have wine with every meal right down the preparation of the dish.

As the late Julia Child and numerous other chefs have said, never cook with a wine you wouldn’t want to drink.

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