Wherein Rhode Island ITS boards lie

So I was on RI-10 today and the ITS board said “3 minutes to go 3 miles t get to I-95. Now the speed limit on RI-10 is 50MPH. For those who don’t know, 60MPH is one mile per minute hence 3 miles would take 3 minutes. So they’re telling a big old fib on those boards.

And the same is on I-95 – 14 miles 14 minutes – that’s 60MPH. But the limits on that highway are 45, 50, 55. So they’re lying.

5 thoughts on “Wherein Rhode Island ITS boards lie

  1. I wonder if that would be a valid ticket defense? Or maybe the guy posting the sign is a part time minister. Their shit never adds up.

    1. Well the State Police and even the local Warwick, Cranston and Providence cops rarely if ever patrol RI-10. But I can see the point that yes, it would be a good defense.

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