Glorious Weather at last

So it hit 68F today. Almost at the point where this is becoming the norm. Good – it’s nearly May already.

In fact two times this week I could leave the house in sneakers, t-shirt and jeans.

And in fact I realized we hit Mr. Lemon today too. It’s a Frozen Lemonade stand that’s been around since I was a kid. And every year around this time it opens up for the spring/summer season.

And I must say it, I prefer warmer to colder. I despise snow and I think a lot of it is the ignorant mother fuckers who don’t clear sidewalks and the shitty job the city does clearing snow from the roadways. But this year we got very little snow – mostly just a light dust of snow despite the chicken little stuff on Facebook – always cawing the sky was falling – or the White Death From The Sky.

And we did have a few snow events where the amount was between 3 and 7 inches. But those were the exception and not the rule. Even the piles of snow plowed out from big parking lots are starting to melt away at an accelerating rate.

Now if the stupid trees would put leaves out. I hate that stark look they have when the leaves drop off in Fall.

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