Going the Naturopath way

So I had posted that I love the H.P. Hood product – Bailey’s Coffee Creamer. That was until I looked into the ingredients. 20g of sugar per tablespoon. Umm nope. Trying to control the amount of sugar we eat that’s a non -starter.

So I got some half and half, added a bit of vanilla and cocoa powder to it. Works, but it’ missing something. So I looked into natural emulsifiers and thickeners. I’ll have the carrageenin a seaweed derivative, and agar agar – which is a thickener. It think those two might make the mouth feel a little better. And I have resisted adding sugar to it. But there is some research that says carrageenin is a little bit damaging to humans. And it’s a thickener/emulsifier. In fact it’s present in the Bailey’s Coffee Creamer.

Next I have to figure out the caramel coloring – maybe if I caramelize some sugar – not much say 5g for the whole bottle.

2 thoughts on “Going the Naturopath way

  1. I stick to goats milk. I buy the semi skimmed (don’t know what you call semi skimmed in US, is that 1/2 and 1/2?)

  2. I put a comment here and it disappeared so you might get it twice. I stick to semi skimmed goats milk. Not sure what you call semi skimmed in US – is that 1/2 and 1/2?

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