Evaluation of RI Governors

So today a name came up – former Republican Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Almond. He’s now 81 years old. We were saying how things weren’t bad when he was governor.

What started the conversation was about the UHIP program in Rhode Island on how now Democratic Governor Gina Raimondo stocked it up with political hacks so the whole thing is a Charlie Foxtrot right now.

Raimondo did though get highways projects right – they’re tearing up part of I-95 now, parts of RI-6 and RI-10 and so on. Plus come fall the southern section of I-95 gets torn up and replaced.

Let’s see – other governors. There is of course former Governor Lincoln Chafee – he’s also known by the pejorative Governor Gump. The only thing notable was his signing of the marriage equality legislation. Oh and he also replaced the Welcome to RI signs on the border of MA and CT. They’re pretty tasteful.

Then of course there’s Republican Donald Carcieri. He was  a  horses ass. Christian fundamentalist of course. He was anti-equality and I wasn’t sad to see his ass go.


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