Month: May 2018

A new series on Netflix

It’s called “Rotten”. So far they’ve covered the adulteration of Chinese honey and the devious ways the Chinese are trying to get their adulterated honey into the U.S.

Then they covered Peanut and other allergies. That was interesting because two takeaways I got from this are a) It mostly affects kids and b) Some kids outgrow the food allergies. In my case as a kid I had stone fruit, nuts etc. But I was stubborn – knew that if I took an antihistamine prior I’d get no reaction and so I ate them and now have no problem with them. They mentioned that in the video too.

Now I’m watching the episode on Garlic or again the Chinese trying to corner the market. Now I will admit I use garlic a lot – in fact last night it was olive oil, chopped garlic and red pepper flakes and then chopped up Bok Choy.

It’s an interesting series none the less. Worth watching if you have a Netflix account.

A Discourse On Fashion

So as you might have guessed one of our favorite past-times is to be openly appalled at peoples choice of wearing say pajamas in public etc.

Last night someone saw something I missed and commented. I explained you don’t see people put on a fancy dress or a suit to go to Wally World. And then it hit me, his sense of fashion is still rooted in a woebegone time. It was the period from the 1950’s to the 1960’s when everything changed.

You see myself – I’ve made six figures dressed in jeans, khakis, t-shirts and polos. Someone hates that I don’t have to wear a suit and tie. But we’ve moved on, society in the U.S. at least has become more casual in dress. In my field at least it’s what you know, not your fashion sense.

I for one am happy with that. Look there’s nothing better than a t-shirt and jeans with suede Reeboks. Because that’s my definition of casual.

Meanwhile someone was dressed exactly as I was a t-shirt and jeans. You can’t be that openly critical of someone elses fashion when you’re wearing the same get-up. Because like it or not, the days of wearing a blazer and slacks to do gardening isn’t coming back.

This is even evident in our cars. Recall vehicles from the 1940’s through the late 1950’s had high roofs. The reason to accommodate the hats people wore when driving. No thanks! It’s why cars for the most part are teardrop shaped and low to the ground.


Dinner this evening

So while were at the market someone picked up one of those hot chickens. They’re under $5 and they do look nice.

Got the oven up to 400F – that seems to be the magic temperature for re-heating things. For example pizza – 8 to 10 minutes at 400F give a nice crispy crust and the cheese melts. Well the chicken required 28 to 30 minutes. I checked at 25 and the chicken was up to temp. Too it out, let it rest for 3 minutes and then cut the chicken in half – it was a smaller chicken.

Also did some bok choy – chopped it up – and into a pan with avocado oil, garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes. Sauteed the bok choy in that mix and then added a soy sauce and water and let it steam. I love bok choy and so does someone else.

Had that with a bit of quinoa with butter and salt. Whole thing in less than 30 minutes.

The Problem with U.S. Business Culture

So I was reading this article about Time Inc.┬áIt’s a fascinating romp through the history of the company and its magazines.

But once again it struck me – all the changes that happened since the 1960’s. The Internet is a big one, so too the rise of the MBA and Vulture capitalism. And certain other changes in society – we’ve become maleducated, less willing to peek behind the curtain of government and big business.

What really happened as a society we decided to accept that greed was good and that has resulted in corporate culture becoming stingier over time.

We lost our believe in the fact that our employers owe use more. I mean in my career I worked for one accounting firm that used to fly us out to Chicago, Dallas, etc. And maybe Bagel Friday. But really a trip to Hawaii would be so nice. Even when I worked for a certain InfoSec company I would hear tales that the when it was Verisign – a cash cow if there ever was one – one year the bonuses were so significant it allowed many people to pay off student loans, buy cars, etc.

When I think about it I’ve been on the edge of corporate largess for a decent part of my career. But it all changed. Now you barely get two or three weeks vacation. Sure they might have coffee pods or packets or free coca-cola, etc. Or even margueritas on Friday. But the culture of off the wall largess that’s gone.

In fact someone and I were talking – if we ever got the point where we get large and corporate – would we treat employees well. I can see me planning lavish parties and such just because – no particular holiday need apply.

And we need to counter the notion that “Greed is good”. Greed should be anathema to us. We should shame the 1% with vigor. Boo and hiss at them. Carry the pitchforks and torches to their door. Because if we fail to do that – it’s only going to get more insane, worse and we the working people are going to bear the brunt of that.

Substituting ground turkey for ground beef

Made a small batch of chili tonight. Didn’t have ground beef but had ground turkey.

Tell me if you can see it’s turkey in this:


So here’s how I did it. First chopped half an onion and sliced two carrots. Put maybe a quarter cup of vegetable oil in the pan and let the onion and carrot cook one medium-low heat. Added some salt.

Then after 10-12 minutes added the spices. About a quarter cup of chili powder, along with a tablespoon of cumin, dried oregano, paprika, cayenne and salt and pepper.

Let that simmer for 5 or so minutes, just to waken the spices.

Then in goes the turkey – stir to break it up. It will pick up the spice as it cooks.

Finally some garlic tomato sauce, about 2/3 of a jars worth.

Then a can of red kidney beans, along with some white beans.

Next I gotta try making chili with pork. That might be really good.

When Bicycles are a problem

So recently I’ve noticed more bikes out back and one was chained to the porch. So yesterday in violation of USPS rules – a non-postage letter was in my mail.


First of all whoever wrote this is just mildly illiterate. All upper case – that one grabbed me first.

However the one on the porch I noticed it but I never said anything to the landlord. So they must have seen it.

My bike is in the basement – behind the stairs. Need to replace a tire on it.

However I’m happy they’re going to put a bike rack/stand in. As it stands there are between 4 and 6 bikes parked back there all the time.


Diet Wars in this house

So someone wants to eliminate all carbohydrates due to the a TED talk they saw online. I want to eliminate tomatoes and beans.

And someone actually knows that fruit juices are essentially sugar water now.

So lets see – carbs – no more cake, biscuits, baked stuff in general. Oh well. That includes rice btw.

And no more pasta, no more tomato sauce, no more chilli as that includes both tomato and bean.

Which means all the joy in life will be gone. This will be interesting.