Tech Issue: Kitchen IP camera was down

So I tried accessing the Kitchen IP camera, the one that watches the kitchen and back door. It wouldn’t come up – I have it assigned at – I thought maybe the DHCP lease changed but then didn’t see it on the firewall connections.

Think back the first rule or as I like to call it a commandment  in technical support is check thine power connections. Went to the Kitchen and noticed the plug in the electrical socket looked weird.

The plug was askew in the socket. Pulled it out and the port side blade was bent out at an angle. Someone must have snagged it when they went past to put laundry into the middle room. Bent the blade back, plugged it in and the camera is up again.

It’s funny – I recall the show the I.T. Crowd – brilliant comedy. But whenever someone would call they’d say “Have you turned it off then on again.” That’s another rule of I.T. And I believe I made the DHCP IP address reservation static on the firewall. That way they ALWAYS get the same IP.

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