A new series on Netflix

It’s called “Rotten”. So far they’ve covered the adulteration of Chinese honey and the devious ways the Chinese are trying to get their adulterated honey into the U.S.

Then they covered Peanut and other allergies. That was interesting because two takeaways I got from this are a) It mostly affects kids and b) Some kids outgrow the food allergies. In my case as a kid I had stone fruit, nuts etc. But I was stubborn – knew that if I took an antihistamine prior I’d get no reaction and so I ate them and now have no problem with them. They mentioned that in the video too.

Now I’m watching the episode on Garlic or again the Chinese trying to corner the market. Now I will admit I use garlic a lot – in fact last night it was olive oil, chopped garlic and red pepper flakes and then chopped up Bok Choy.

It’s an interesting series none the less. Worth watching if you have a Netflix account.

2 thoughts on “A new series on Netflix

  1. When I was in Chin athe only milk my Chinese hosts would buy was Mongolian Milk. Every day there was a story about this or that milk being adulterated (some with industrial powders). But never Mongolian milk the Inner Mongolian province would probably has executed the head of Mongolian Milk if he did anything to taint Mongolian Milk’s reputation. Food adulreration is common in China, for the Chinese market, not just the foreign market.

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