Month: May 2018

I want Trump/Pence gone.

I’m hoping 2018 gives us Democratic majorities in congress. Then we can get to work getting rid of the idiocy of the Trump administration – and in fact calling it an administration is a curious choice of words – because it’s incoherent too.

And if folks think Trump is bad, what with the entire news cycle being dominated by his antics and scandals, they need to know Pence is no walk in the park either. He’s got his demons in the closet too.

And congress – some three dozen Republicans have said they’ll not run again. This is history making. And Democrats need to pick up 23 seats in the House, and only 2 in the Senate. I’d say that’s within the realm of the probable. Unless of course the DNC or DSCC et al fuck it up.

Oklahoma and Kansas wants to ban gay adoptions!

The legislatures in Kansas and Oklahoma are looking to ban adoption to LGBT citizens.

First of all I follow a channel on YouTube called Hoovie’s Garage – he’s pretty funny and based in the Wichita area. I suppose I’ll ping him and let him know I’m not happy about this.

But this type of thing has been occurring all over the United States – predominantly in the south or mid-western flyover states. And let’s not get into the debate whether or not flyover isn’t a pejorative. If you don’t live on the east or west coasts you’re in flyover country. But the religious bigots are pushing to limit adoption, or religious liberty bills that say they can discriminate against LGBT people etc. This all started after the Obergefell v. U.S. case found for plaintiff and legalized same sex marriage across the United States. So the bigoted assholes are trying to claim their religious beliefs trump civil society and in the process chipping away at the protections marriage provides.

The bigots can go and fuck themselves.

Finished Castlevania

So since I posted last I’ve plugged through to level 18.


Yup the game rolls credits plus you see the castle disintegrate. That’s the black pile of slag to the right.

And then the game continues to play – level 19, 20, 21, 22 and so on. What it does is mix in enemies from other levels. So in level 1 you get ghosts and bats. But I finished the first 18 levels successfully. Time for another game.

Much better progress in Castlevania

So I’ve been slogging through levels in Castlevania on the NES emulator.

Level 10 was a challenge but I made it through. Have the game on pause right now and I screen captured the following to prove I’m at level 14 now. That’s just 4 from the very end of the game. I know there’s a Castlevania II so I may have to download that.


I have the long life cheat enabled. That’s what is allowing me to conquer levels. Lots of fun. Never had this game in my original NES collection but glad I have it now.

YouTube fixed

So I had posted that YouTube was getting a little too greedy – trying to push ads which my browser dutifully blocks. I pay for the net connection I should be able to treat traffic as I see fit. Most of it blocked at the browser level or application layer – however really egregious stuff gets blocked at the firewall level network level.

So color me surprised – the powers that be at Google and YouTube must have heard people bitching like crazy because now videos just start playing, no delay. Interesting.