A way to treat police misconduct properly

So it hit me today. One of the problems when police shoot unarmed people is that the prosecutors they work with are never going to charge them, even if they do the evidence will either be downplayed or discounted and officers who shoot unarmed people are almost NEVER found guilty of murder.

Thinking about it today I came up with a solution.

First Citizen Oversight boards would be a good first step. They would recommend charges to the Attorney General or District Attorney. Then within those agencies there should be staff assigned to a unit that does nothing but prosecute police misconduct. That way prosecutors who deal with the police won’t be prosecuting them. It could even be part of the Oversight board.

Because when I worked at the AG’s office we had various units – Medicaire/Medicaid fraud control, BCI, Civil, Criminal, Diversion, etc. Why not a prosecutor or two whose sole job is to police the police?

3 thoughts on “A way to treat police misconduct properly

  1. Sounds like a good idea to me. We certainly have to do something. In just the city of Milwaukee they’ve paid out over $20 million in just the last few years to settle police misconduct. There is going to be a major lawsuit in the near future in Milwaukee because the police tasered a naked, unarmed man standing in his own shower something like 17 times resulting in his death. And apparently no charges are going to be filed in that one either. In a town not far from here during a hostage situation the police actually shot and killed one of the hostages as he was trying to escape from the building. Again, no charges filed.

    1. Yeah – here in Providence several years ago we had one cop kill another cop. The scenario a restaurant not far from me – the off duty cop witnessed an altercation, pulled out his gun and ordered the men to stop – holding the gun in an alleged gangster grip. Two uniformed cops rolled up said he didn’t ID as police – now the off-duty cop was black, the cops who showed up were white. They killed the off duty cop.

      He was posthumously promoted to Sargent. His father was high up in the department. The two cops ended up leaving the force.

      Back then there were 600 sworn officers in the city. And the more I study the more I realize it’s hard to remember more than say 150 people. Plus the fact that the dead cop was a black man – well that shit storm played out for a long time.

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