Gaming on a PC

So I have three gaming apps installed on my PC:

  1. Steam – in it I have Bioshock and Bioshock II as well as Fallout IV.
  2. JNES – lots of games.
    1. Castlevania
    2. Castlevania II
    3. Donkey Kong Jr.
    4. Elevator Action
    5. Legend of Zelda
    6. Legend of Zelda II
    7. Marble Madness
    8. Monopoly
    9. PacMan
    10. Qbert
    11. RC Pro Am
    12. RC Pro Am II
    13. Super Mario Brothers
    14. Super Mario Brothers II
    15. Super Mario Brothers III
    16. Xevious
  3. Project64
    1. Mario Kart


So as you can see I do love my classic gaming. What turned me on to all this is when I worked for a certain company – we were ordered to use a Raspberry Pi III and load on all the games – hundreds from Nintendo, Sega etc. Hooked a couple controllers to it and people played.

Well my co-worker turned me on to Steam and Bioshock. The JNES I found and Project64 too.

As to where I got the ROM paks for the Nintendo consoles – the web has all of them.

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