Living Room Air Conditioned Fixed

So we went to turn on the air conditioner in the living room and no air was blowing out of it.

Weird – so do what I always do with misbehaving. For example I know what air conditioners are – they’re effectively heat pumps with a high pressure and low pressure system.

Took about a dozen screws out of the AC case – dumped the water out of it from the rain yesterday and turned it on while it was on the bench. Now the fans worked – I spun them by hand before I powered it up so maybe some bad lubricant or such.

It powered up just fine, fans ran, compressor ran. All is good so cleaned the case and blew out the coils.  No signs of coolant leak.

Re-assemble it and everything down to a level 5 torque on the screws.

We now have Air Conditioning in the living room.

5 thoughts on “Living Room Air Conditioned Fixed

  1. I wish you were closer with a screwdriver. Our fridge broke down on Thursday, then the dishwasher Saturday.
    Stay cool.

    1. I wish fridges got more like cars. Cars have dedicated high and low pressure ports that you just plug into. Fridges have crimped copper tubing.

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