Glorious – 20:08 Hours and it’s 79F outside

I love warm nights. I don’t know what it is, some of my fondest memories are of warm nights with friends, out camping and the like.

Time was I loved going camping. Call me nature boy if you dare or must. And I’d love to do it again. But most of my travel these days is in hotels and that’s not camping by a long shot. Plus I need to purchase a new tent and sleeping bags.

And my version of camping – a tent, sleeping bags a fire area or pit with grill. You know, roughing it. I love that. It’s not that I wouldn’t mind an RV with full out beds and stuff but there’s something about communing with nature that appeals to me.

And I’ve camped all over New England, in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine. It’s all beautiful country even if it is the land of many big rocks.

I recall one New Hampshire trip when I was a teenager. Let’s just say four guys, 11 cases of beer. The major crisis was when we ran out of beer by the 3rd day. But the joy of it – behind the camp site was an ice cold stream. Following that stream we found a bunch of huge rocks where the water would pool up. By noon the Sun would warm that water right up. It was awesome.

I better stop – memories like that stir up the motivation to go out into the wilds again.

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