Adventures in Baking

So when it comes down to cooking my favorites are to bake or roast things. Something about applying several hundred degrees of heat to cook things.

So lately I’ve baked 3 loaves of Amish Bread. Here’s the latest with some changes.

  1. Instead of granulated sugar I used the same amount of Agave. The yeast doesn’t seem to mind at all in fact I think it prefers the Agava syrup to the granulated sugar.
  2. Instead of baking it in the big oven – I brought the convection toaster oven up to 350F and slid the loaf pan in there. When I baked in the big oven I had to brown it with a Searzall tool. Not so in the toaster oven:20180709_214824

    That’s a beauty right there. It’s cooling in the pan right now.

    Big difference using the convection oven though. That’ll be my go-to for breads from this point on. Speaking of which need to get more bread flour.

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