Horror – French Press cylinder

So I was about to make some coffee yesterday. The cabinet popped open as it is wont to do and out slide a large plastic plate and in slow motion I watched it smash the glass cylinder of the French Press. {sigh}

Fully versed in the methods of Murphy I start thinking. I have an electric tea pot where you can vary the temperature. So took 1.5oz. of coffee dumped it in, put about a liter of water in and set the temp to 190.

The pot has a nice feature – once it reaches temperature it maintains it with a Keep Warm function. So timed out 3 minutes and the coffee came  out – it has a screen on the water output side but I bolstered that with a little bit of cheesecloth.

Guess I’ll have to order a new borosilicate glass cylinder again. Go thought about one a year.

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