Job Interview time again

Well – I took the last year off from work. But an opportunity right up my alley came up. You see I’m a Senior Linux Engineer at heart – this position wants mid-level but here’s the interesting part.

You see the headhunter contacted me today. And when he and I spoke he said I’d hear from him in the afternoon to setup a phone interview. Well he emails – in person interview on Friday.

Usually if they jump over the phone interview to the in-person I’ve pretty much got the job.

This one pays alright but it’s only managed 12 Linux servers. I told the headhunter I’ve been in places where I managed up to 200 servers. Plus it’s local so easy commute and little to no commuter costs. I can walk to the office – Google Maps says 30 minutes but I walk a bit faster so maybe 20-25 minutes. Not bad. Only time it’ll suck is in the winter but past few years we really haven’t gotten an extreme winter.

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