Eventful end of October

On the 30th of this month someone goes in for eye surgery. Not me no, my vision is still intact. He was diagnosed with diabetes back in July but even then before beginning drug therapy via metformin his blood glucose reading fasting was 116.

But the clincher was the A1C test. I looked it up – it looks at how much glucose is attached to hemoglobin over a 90 to 120 day period. He was at 9 back in July now he’s at 6.2 or pre-diabetic. He’s also lost about 25lbs.

We’ve sort of embraced the keto diet. No added sugar, no or low carbohydrates. He goes even farther no fruit like oranges, apples, pineapple, etc. Instead it’s protein, cheeses, and vegetation. Only difference between he and I is that. I eat fruit, he doesn’t.

Myself – I figured there’s no sense in baking one potato, or a quarter cup of rice. So I too have lost 15 or 20 pounds.

And as a control of course, the physician assistant got a laugh from that. I tested mine – it’s rock solid in the 80’s. Of course I eschew fruit juices I see it as pointless just eat the fruit and get not just fructose but fiber, and other vitamins.

But it’s really fascinating – when I shop for food I look at ingredients and nutritional info. When you do you find that the standard U.S. condiments like mustard, ketchup etc. all have added sugar. Now added is a funny word to me – as some products say Balsamic vinegar have a sugar component in the nutritional side but no added sugar.

So I went searching saw that Heinz now had a ketchup with no added sugar. Good.

But take mayonnaise – all of them including the name brands have added sugar. As an experiment I made mayo myself – a couple of egg yolks, some olive oil, salt, pepper and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar. Now there was some argument it was whole egg, not just yolk. But I was right – yolks only. If you want it thicker refrigerate it.

And shop around – my local Price Rite has a brown mustard with no added sugar.

A lot of this started when I read the Case Against Sugar by Gary Taube(s)

When you think of it there are enteire industries making products that are either killing or severely impeding life of people. Soft drinks, candy bars, you name it. Why do you think companies like Coca Cola, Mars Bars, etc. have diversified into pet foods, water, etc. They know the gig is up, even the famed Steve Jobs knew that what we call soda, pop, tonic, etc. is sugar water.

3 thoughts on “Eventful end of October

  1. I hope the eye op goes ok. I’m sure it will. I had one myself a couple of weeks ago, so someone has my sympathies.
    As for sugar? It’s hidden every where.

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