When it Comes to Good Meat

Some time back I’d posted how the nearby Joe’s Meat Market. Today I was tasked to go in and get some skin on bone in chicken thighs and some slab bacon cut nice and thick.

The deal 10lbs of skin on bone in chicken thighs were $12. That works out to $1.20 a pound for one of the best parts of chicken you can get. And they’re super easy to de-bone – two lateral cuts, one scrape under with good shears and one just pulls the bone out of the thigh. The bones of course have a little meat on them so they get saved to make soup later on.

Yesterday I got two ribeye steaks – cut about an inch or so thick. That was more pricey but I’ll say something – usually you end up with a lot of gristle with steaks like that you might purchase at a supermaket (Or is that supermercado?) In fact I think the quality of the steaks is what caused an order to get the chicken at the same place.

Plus it supports a local business. It saddens me to see the number of local places that have shut down over the years. But this market seems to be going strong. Hopefully it’ll be going strong for years to come.

And we’re going to be eating chicken thighs for awhile I guess.

2 thoughts on “When it Comes to Good Meat

  1. I hope they are successful for many, many years. I love small, local markets like that. We’re lucky enough to have one in Brillion about 5 miles from here. They do their own bacon, do NOT inject it with water the way the big commercial meat packers do (that stuff can be as much as 20% water by weight) and smoke it themselves. And it’s more like strips of ham because it’s about 70% lean meat, not mostly fat like the stuff in the grocery stores.

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