Health Check Times again

Roughly a decade ago I had the inner ear issues. One thing that emerged was my blood pressure was normal 120/80. That caused a great deal of consternation among the medical people. They couldn’t grasp how my BP was normal with the manifestation of the ear problem.

Recently we were seeing the Nurse Practitioner for someones BP issue. And she offered to check my blood pressure. 122/80. And I learned through her – it’s not so much the systolic but the diastolic number. But maybe I don’t know enough – I mean I know what congestive heart failure is – it’s the low pressure side or right side of the hear going slightly overboard pressure wise. But I don’t have any risk factors for that. I don’t smoke, don’t drink a whole lot of alcohol.

So I must be doing something right even though I consume a mountain of salt. But in fact I limit the carb intake – still eat fruits and vegetables and even chicken, fish, pork and rarely beef. In fact my resting heart rate is between 60 and 65 bpm. Pulse 02 is good too 98-100. Maybe it’s the fact that I do quite a bit of walking around, or maybe that I’m not all that easy to make me jump into anxiety. I told someone after two and a half decades in the Information Technology sphere two things happened. The first is  meditation I learned in my Catholic high school and the ability to say no have helped me beyond what I would have thought.

Who knew just limiting the sugar intake and carbs would do so much. That said I did make the Chouf a Pate with cheese. Total carbs in that are around 3 grams. All the vids and research says 50 grams a day is max you should take in.

And I don’t limit the fat content either. I’m down to my lowest weight in years.

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