Past Pleasures that are fading quickly

You know, when I think about it I really have had a charmed life to some degree.

I got to see a whole bunch of music acts, comedians, plays, monlogues etc. That last by the way – the boy who gave it was completely naked and proud. If you know what I mean. I attempted the Japanese that while nakedness is noticed, it is never stared at.

But in many respects it saddens me – I believe we no long have comics that are edgy, and the music acts whilst some are still touring some have gone to the ethereal plane never to return. We’ve seen Roy Ayers, Earth Wind & Fire, George Clinton and P-Funk. In the case of Earth Wind & Fire a few members are no longer with us.

Hell I saw Sam Kinison live. He was a funny one. Plus Judy Tanuta back in the day. How much better could it get?

The plays – they’ve been good, the demon in the Screwtape Letters was awesome. Plus TEDx talks that have been thought provoking, and in earlier days I’ve been to talks by the son of Nikita Kruschev, and just experienced the hell out of what is to offer in my little burg.

But I can see the TEDx stuff suffering the law of diminished returns.

Plus there’s seeing the local philharmoic and being overcome by the power of the music. Really good stuff.

And I love music. Even to the point there’s a playlist of Dead Artists in my music player these days.
And the list goes on and on.

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