Quotes from books I love and my comments on them.

From “I will fear no evil”

“The lawyer looked sheepish. “Well…yes. But I had the best cook in Safe Harbor enclave. If I had fired her, I might have wound up with one just as expensive-who put sugar in gravy.”

Indeed – never put sugar in gravy. Or sauce for that matter. It’s a mortal sin in Italian-American households.

“It’s just that I have never been able to see life as anything but a vast complicated practical joke, and it’s better to laugh than cry.”

Indeed, I follow this particular quote to the letter. I always tell people the same, I’d prefer to laugh rather than cry.
And from the book Friday:

“Good. They need sleep. Both of them are worriers; I am not. I decided that there was no point in attending Armageddon with my eyes bloodshot, so I came in here. You were asleep, I think.”

Yep – as I say it, don’t bother holding the end of creation or Armageddon before I’ve had my morning coffee/tea/etc.

This one from To Sail Beyond the Sunset – in fact my very first cat got his name from this book:

Random Numbers may have been the silliest cat I’ve ever lived with – although all cats are sui generis, and Pixel has his supporters for the title of funniest cat, unlimited, all times, all universes.

And this is how the cat Random Numbers got it’s name:
`That kitten doesn’t have a brain; he just has a skull full of random numbers, and whenever he bangs his head into a chair or ricochets off a wall, it shakes up the random numbers and causes him to do something else.’

“No subject matter? That’s right; no subject matter whatever – just coloured water with artificial sweetening. `Theo-‘ = `God’ and `-logy’ = word(s), i.e., any word ending in `-ology’ means `talk about’ or ‘discussion of’ or ‘words concerning’ or `study of’ a subject named in the first part of the word, whether it is ‘hippology’, or ‘astrology’, or `proctology’, or `eschatology’, or `scatology’, or something else”

And this – I’ve long known since my high school days that ology indicates the discussion of, study of etc.

“God’, or `god’, or ‘gods’ – have you ever seen ‘God’? If so, where and when, how tall was She and what did She weigh? What was Her skin colour? Did She have a belly button and, if so, why? Did She have breasts? For what purpose? How about organs of reproduction and of excretion – did She or didn’t She?”

And this one – why would a god have nipples or genitalia? In the images I’ve seen the god character has nips and likely other genitalia.

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