Decembers Cheery Post

Ut si – Latin for As If!

So I’ve had issues with a slight scoliosis in my spine. It’s latest manifestation is my right leg on occasion just completely gives out. As I result I’ve received a number of contusions and bruises. The latest though I face planted – resulting in breaking off 1/4 of my front incisor. I gotta wonder how they’ll be able to fix that one. Not much to anchor a repair to be honest. Maybe glass-ionomer but again it’s an incisor, and they take a fair amount of abuse.

Someone says go see a doctor/pc – I say that:

a) Muscle relaxants are almost all benzos. They work when my leg and back muscles spasm but won’t help with the leg going out from under me. In fact I’ve been on them prior to the latest.
b) I’m not too keen on surgery for the scoliosis. I suspect too that it’s congenital because dear old dad had serious back problems too, as in slipped discs etc. It finally ended with them fusing his spine. That didn’t work so well. Plus I don’t want to be laid up for weeks whilst it heals.
c) Maybe a little physical therapy would be warranted.

Now all this started because when we were getting someones eyes examined in Boston they had a screen up and it ran an advertisement for back surgery. Scoliosis was one of the conditions mentioned and they showed one guy with just a band-aid on it. Now I’m one skeptical of advertisement. I know what they’re trying to do .

Part of the problem is I do not trust medical pros beyond the ability to patch things. For example a decade or so ago I had severe vertigo, nausea, etc. Found that anti-inflammatory alleviated the symptoms. But visited a doctor then an Ear, Nose and Throat place. Blood tests, MRI scans, auditory tests, etc. The end result was what I found out was a catch all syndrome that met some of the symptoms. The underlying cause however was not apparent.

A visit to an allergist I’d had a long history with solved it. He looked in my ears and said “Your eardrums are retracting. It’s due to the ear infections you had as a child.” I was dumbfounded, all the tech and just knowing the history solved it. So I’m not very trusting of the medical profession.

Another was where an NPC thought 68 inches was 5 foot 6 on someone. I pointed out 12×5=60 and the reminder of that is 8 inches. At least she had the grace to accept she was wrong.

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