Month: January 2019

Making Ginger Lemon Tea

So if you want to try your own here’s what you’ll need:

A sharp knife

A microplane or potato peeler

A clamp style citrus juicer.

A cutting board.

Ginger Root


Cut off  a 1″ chunk of ginger – peel the outer brown skin. Then make thin slices and then julienne and finally chop it up.

Use the microplane of potato peeler to take the zest of a lemon. Then chop that up and combine with the ginger above. Add 1/2 tsp cinnamon – use good stuff. Ceylon is much better than Accacia cinnamon.

Combine chopped ginger and lemon zest with the cinnamon and put in your tea pot or a pan.  Now cut the lemon in half and juice each into the tea pot or pan.

Add water to fill the pot or pan and then bring to a boil for a minute or two. Cut off the heat and let the ginger and lemon mix settle to the bottom. Pour yourself out a dynamite Lemon Ginger tea. It’s awesome.


Studying: Organic Chemistry

So one of my YouTube recommendations was for all things about Organic Chemistry. In essence Organic Chemistry is just how carbon interacts with other molecules and chemicals. It’s fascinating.

And so I went searching for texts on Organic Chemistry and am studying a wikibooks version of Organic Chemistry. Many of the things referenced are familiar to me from physics things like chirality etc.

Should be a funny dive down the rabbit hole.


Update on Naughty Cat

So I finally got off my duff and installed one of our security cameras. And here’s the view:


Note the humorous name Kittehcam. Now here’s the fun part I had to use nmap to find the camera on my friends network.

So I did a nmap -v -n – very simple and looked for any port 80 stuff. That solved it.

And I solved the issue of not being able to see the cam on my computer. Seems if you run the little registry edit for HyPlayer all of a sudden the you get to see the camera. The things I’d forgotten.

And since the camera has full video and audio well if Angie decides again to use it as her personal litter box I can yell at her remotely. Ain’t technology grand.

Amateur Radio: Grid Squares

So one of the things we hams to is to make our locations somewhat cryptic. For example when I lived in RI my grid square was FN41GT. Now I’m in EM73XR. And lo and behold I found out Google Maps doesn’t know grid squares

Tales of a Naughty Cat

So since relocating one thing we left behind was a DrinkWell Fountain for Angie the cat. And with three cats in the house water tends to run out before we realize it.

Now the way my friends living room is setup there is a sectioned sofa with an ottoman or hassock or whatever in leather. Well someone had a big cup of ice water on there and it was close to the sofa enough that Angie the cat just walked on and was lapping the water out of his cup.

She was shooed off and the water replaced. But I guess as a cat it was ok when she was thirsty to drink her humans water. Cats are like that. What she does mostly at her age is sleep though.

Flying with a Feline

This post brewed for a bit. But I thought I’d put this out there for others who want to travel with a pet cat.

Now Angie the cat is an old girl – at last estimate she’s 15 years old. And there was great concern that she wouldn’t like flying. She’d be in cabin with us but because of airline stupidity we had to pay $125 for her to fly and we had to stuff some of our clothing in the cat carrier.

Someone was concerned she wouldn’t have enough space etc. I told him cats as a general rule loved small spaces and sure enough not only did she survive the flight from Providence to Atlanta but she was quiet throughout and likely sleeping.

Of course based on past veterinarian visits we fully expected screaming demon mode from Angie. However throughout the flight the carrier was in my lap. And I could re-assure the cat that nothing bad was going to happen.

Plus she’d spent about 24 hours in the carrier. I’d made certain before we traveled she got no food or water for 8 hours before. So she was perfectly tranquil throughout. Not a vocalization at all.

Now she’s in the house with two other cats – she may be a cat who likes to sleep a lot but she’s also a dominant cat. Essentially her motto is don’t want none don’t start none.

And I know at 15 years of age the cat has 3 to 6 years of life left. And there’s no way I could abandon the cat now. Even thought I don’t believe in hell I believe Dante would have reserved one circle of hell for people who abandon pets.

Combating Diabetes

During this whole episode where someone was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes it’s been a lot of research. The NIH and WebMD are fucking useless – they clearly bought the argument of the 19th century that carbs are ok when they’re not.

Now I’m not diabetic – even at my heaviest my blood sugar was fine. Yes I tested mine – if you’re even mildly the curious type you check your blood sugar too, as well as Pulse-Ox, blood pressure etc. Mine is all normal.

But I followed the Keto diet along with someone and I’ve dropped a great deal of weight. But if you search on the web they recommend high carb, low fat. I mean haven’t we had enough of the lies?

Like I said, I have now enough evidence to prove that it is in fact sugar and simple carbohydrates based on wheat flour that are killing us. Someone and I are living proof of this.

Then of course one of the Big Think videos on YouTube. I note they pulled the video down – she was railing that carbs were ok that it was sloth that cause obesity, etc. Well here’s the rub – as I said we embraced a no sugar, low carb diet and yet still dropped weight in my case with no extra exercise to do so. So there’s nothing wrong with sloth either. I’m in the Oscar Wilde camp – instead of standing you should sit, instead of sitting you should lay down.

Plus it’s better for us to be relaxed more than it it for us to be frenetic.

And someone wonders why I don’t trust the authorities and doctors. Harumph.

More on the food scene in the Atlanta Area

So today we ate lunch at an Authentic Chinese restaurant. I got my old favorite of course beef and broccoli. And I have to say best I’ve ever had.

But it goes deeper. There’s a Kroger store in Decatur, GA that has a wonderful assortment of cheeses. And you can get fried chicken gizzards with fries at a nearby gas station.  At this very same Kroger I got three bottles of Dial liquid bath soap – two of the Marula Oil one which I love, and one the Himalayan Pink Salt soap. $10 for the three which is price on par what I paid in Providence, RI for just two.

And on a trip through Midtown Atlanta we found a Trader Joe’s and even a Whole Foods market.

But there’s something we haven’t seen in all our travels through Atlanta, Decatur, Stone Mountain and the surrounding area: A Five Guys burger place. Ah well I suppose one can’t have everything.


Domain Renewed for another year

So I renewed the domain for this site. I decided to stay at least one more year in blogland.

In other news get to talk to a headhunter tomorrow. That’s going to be interesting. And a friend and I are having the certify or don’t certify argument. I mean come on two decades experience in Linux systems and I made it clear I’m not spending thousands of dollars to get certifications on chef, puppet or what have you.

Tried something new

So with our relocation to the Atlanta area and staying with a good friend I had the opportunity to try whiskey for the first time.

And I gotta say – Not bad at all. Goes in with a little burn then mellows and gets you drunk off your ass with little effort. I like that kind of alcohol.