Another Gripe

So we were supposed to fly out on Delta airlines. Issue was our cat Angie. Our friend paid the $125 for her passage but the boy at the counter couldn’t figure out how to do a third party pay on Delta’s systems.

Got the supervisor to admit it could in fact be done and so it was, successfully I might add with no zip code or ccv to enter. Imagine that.


Then there’s Holiday Inn Express in Warwick, RI. One person at the counter said and I quote it’s a $100 pet deposit for having a cat in a room whilst another said cats aren’t generally allowed.

And we were supposed to fly out at 6:25PM only to miss our flight because of the arguments over 3rd party pay. Next one was a 6:00AM the next day – so we went back to the airport and slept there.

So heap your scorn on Delta Airlines and Holiday Inn Express. They really deserve a heavy ration of shit for this.

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