More on the food scene in the Atlanta Area

So today we ate lunch at an Authentic Chinese restaurant. I got my old favorite of course beef and broccoli. And I have to say best I’ve ever had.

But it goes deeper. There’s a Kroger store in Decatur, GA that has a wonderful assortment of cheeses. And you can get fried chicken gizzards with fries at a nearby gas station.  At this very same Kroger I got three bottles of Dial liquid bath soap – two of the Marula Oil one which I love, and one the Himalayan Pink Salt soap. $10 for the three which is price on par what I paid in Providence, RI for just two.

And on a trip through Midtown Atlanta we found a Trader Joe’s and even a Whole Foods market.

But there’s something we haven’t seen in all our travels through Atlanta, Decatur, Stone Mountain and the surrounding area: A Five Guys burger place. Ah well I suppose one can’t have everything.


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