Combating Diabetes

During this whole episode where someone was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes it’s been a lot of research. The NIH and WebMD are fucking useless – they clearly bought the argument of the 19th century that carbs are ok when they’re not.

Now I’m not diabetic – even at my heaviest my blood sugar was fine. Yes I tested mine – if you’re even mildly the curious type you check your blood sugar too, as well as Pulse-Ox, blood pressure etc. Mine is all normal.

But I followed the Keto diet along with someone and I’ve dropped a great deal of weight. But if you search on the web they recommend high carb, low fat. I mean haven’t we had enough of the lies?

Like I said, I have now enough evidence to prove that it is in fact sugar and simple carbohydrates based on wheat flour that are killing us. Someone and I are living proof of this.

Then of course one of the Big Think videos on YouTube. I note they pulled the video down – she was railing that carbs were ok that it was sloth that cause obesity, etc. Well here’s the rub – as I said we embraced a no sugar, low carb diet and yet still dropped weight in my case with no extra exercise to do so. So there’s nothing wrong with sloth either. I’m in the Oscar Wilde camp – instead of standing you should sit, instead of sitting you should lay down.

Plus it’s better for us to be relaxed more than it it for us to be frenetic.

And someone wonders why I don’t trust the authorities and doctors. Harumph.

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