Flying with a Feline

This post brewed for a bit. But I thought I’d put this out there for others who want to travel with a pet cat.

Now Angie the cat is an old girl – at last estimate she’s 15 years old. And there was great concern that she wouldn’t like flying. She’d be in cabin with us but because of airline stupidity we had to pay $125 for her to fly and we had to stuff some of our clothing in the cat carrier.

Someone was concerned she wouldn’t have enough space etc. I told him cats as a general rule loved small spaces and sure enough not only did she survive the flight from Providence to Atlanta but she was quiet throughout and likely sleeping.

Of course based on past veterinarian visits we fully expected screaming demon mode from Angie. However throughout the flight the carrier was in my lap. And I could re-assure the cat that nothing bad was going to happen.

Plus she’d spent about 24 hours in the carrier. I’d made certain before we traveled she got no food or water for 8 hours before. So she was perfectly tranquil throughout. Not a vocalization at all.

Now she’s in the house with two other cats – she may be a cat who likes to sleep a lot but she’s also a dominant cat. Essentially her motto is don’t want none don’t start none.

And I know at 15 years of age the cat has 3 to 6 years of life left. And there’s no way I could abandon the cat now. Even thought I don’t believe in hell I believe Dante would have reserved one circle of hell for people who abandon pets.

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