Month: February 2019

Cardinal George Pell convicted

Oh man  I don’t often write about the Catholic Church being as I left the church decades ago. But I was educated in the Church and it’s schools so I feel that gives me unique perspective on this.

That a Cardinal can be convicted of a crime to me says it all about the Catholic hierarchy. You do realize a Cardinal is potentially one step away from being the infallible Bishop of Rome aka Pope.

But I knew this would happen eventually. I knew the Church couldn’t keep burying accusations of child sexual abuse. And they can no longer seal the records of priests being transferred to other diocese etc.

Now here’s the thing, if you can pinch a Cardinal – you can most certainly find evidence enough to take down a Pope or former Pope.

It’s about damn time.

The Job Hunt here

So the job hunt here in Georgia has been sort of frustrating. Have a good phone screen only to be told they went with a contractor, etc.

So an HR person at a certain company reached out. She saw my resume and thought I might be interested. I emailed my abbreviated resume and we spoke early today. Well then the manager called me and he and I got on like a house on fire. So they’re gonna bring me in for what I euphemistically call the Troll Check.

Consider it’s been two months we’ve been down here. Not bad.

Someone is getting released from the Hospital today

So last Sunday – someone (Not me) was complaining of the right eye hurting and a headache concentrated on the right side.

So we went to Emory Hillandale Hospital ER. They did all sorts of tests, blood, CT, etc. Tried MRI but because of a childhood injury that left a chunk of metal embedded in his cheek he couldn’t tolerate the MRI magnets. The ER Doctor there and I got to talking, he loves the RaspberryPi platform too. Good guy also.

They transferred him to the Emory Midtown Atlanta hospital intensive care unit. It’s because they thought they saw something in his visual cortex that was possibly stroke damage.

He was in Intensive care for three days, multiple pokes for blood draws,  CT Scans, Ultrasound of his liver and kidneys, no rest whatsoever. Finally they moved him to a regular room for another three days. The blood draws at 2AM started which irritated both someone and I.  But then the doctor says he’s got low Potassium and Magnesium. So they put him on supplements both IV and pills. The Magneisum is interesting , it’s 50ml of Magnesium Sulfate. He was wondering why his urine smelled funny.

Then they have him on a low sodium and cholesterol diet. But now it’s high blood pressure so they fire every possible drug into him for that. Until such time it came down to 114/68. BTW, one nurse fluffed me off when I said I could have sworn I saw that diastolic number. So when she left I powered up the WelchAlyn device and went into it’s logs. Yeah never lie to an InfoSci/InfoSec guy. That’s how I found that number above. As I told the doctor – it struck me the monitoring devices, volumetric infusion pumps, etc. all had simple interfaces. So easy to figure out.

Now first let me give accolades, the staff at Emory Midtown Hospital both ICU and Unit 61 was excellent. A stark comparison to the northeast.  I even told the nurses I thought they were great and it’ll be followed up by a nice letter to the hospital administration.

But when we spoke to the doctor yesterday he said maybe Monday or Tuesday someone would be released. Well it moved up today. It might have something to do with me asking for a printout of his medications and that we’d had enough.

For my poor guy was beginning to resemble a pin cushion. I mean double blood draws every day.

Now what struck me – they stuck in an IV port on his left arm. But they only use it for injections. But you could flush it and do blood draws with it. Instead they stuck him again and again.

Doctors will never say it but they’re stumped about the BP. I mentioned to the doctor maybe it’s the sodium thing. We’ll see, I will continue to monitor his BP at home. Because I showed the doctors and nurses my spreadsheet – nice and neat with statistical functions for all the five data points. Like I said, never, ever fuck with an InfoSci/InfoSec guy.

Couldn’t Love Atlanta area more

So someone has been in Emory University Hospital in Midtown Atlanta for four days now. One thing I can say about the nursing staff, doctors etc. here at the hospital I love them all. They are LIGHT YEARS better than hospital staff in the northeast. I mean MUCH better. A lot of the staff of nurses is from Nigeria – all lovely people and I mean it.

And this evening – we found out where they keep the coffee stash. You just have to go the nurses station on the floor and ask for the coffee packets. Now all they need to do is tell us where the half and half is and we’re good.

And I’ve extolled the virtues of the area – it really is something else here. I mean it really is. Some of my favorite artists tour through here regularly. Ever since I changed my location on Facebook I know get event invites for the likes of Erykah Badu, Deniece Williams, and the list goes on. Add to that I can’t wait for October – and be able to go to NetherWorld. And then of course there’s Dragon Con, and I hear tell that there’s not only an LGBT parade but a Black LGBT parade too.

And real estate – condos from $35K and up from there. For about $50K you can get a nice one. Homes anywhere from $50K up to $300K. Our friend we’re staying with I tell her she got a good deal on her place, a 3000 square feet, two car garage, a fenced in back yard, a what she calls her She-Shed. Plus a nice deck built out back too. For a little under $200K.

I’ve already lobbied our MIL, Someones Brother etc. to come on down. And in the case of Someone’s Brother – he’d be in 7th heaven down here – there’s some mighty fine looking women. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate beauty.

Someone is ok

So you had to have seen in the previous post. The Spouse (And that’s exactly how I listed myself on all the consent forms.) did NOT have a stroke. A comparison CT scan ruled that out today.

So they are keeping him for one more day because they want his BP to come down. I did show the doctor the tracking sheet I have for his BP, Blood Sugar, Pulse Rate, SP02, date, time, comments. I also mentioned his being confined to bed rest probably accounts for the BP rise.

The eye swelling is gone, the pain went too. Who knew the eye could cause headaches like that.

I will say though the people here in the Emory Midtown Atlanta hospital are top notch. Good people. Even the Doctors. It’s amazing compared to the northeast.

When Medicine gets it oh so wrong

So as I alluded to in another post my spouse has been in the hospital ICU for two days now. They have now given him a morphine/tylenol intravenous shot. They’ve done CT, Echo-cardiogram, EKG, etc.

Several nurses have also done what I consider as checks for neurological deficit. Ask name, DOB, does he know where he is, can he push up with each individual hand/arm, or leg etc.

It’s like they’ve become fixated on the idea of stroke but where there’s no smoke, there is no fire. His main complaint has been addressed and properly diagnosed. His right eye – he lost all vision in it and didn’t know why. The eye presented very red – but knew it wasn’t pink eye, and doubted it was infection as discharge from the eye was clear fluid. Suspected allergy – but we were wrong. It was intra-ocular pressure because the blood could not drain from the eye. The Ophthalmologist figured that out without delay.

For this he’s in the ICU. Yeah I know – I didn’t mention they totally over-reacted to his blood pressure AGAIN. I’ve noted that with medical professionals. They get really panicked about BP. Which when you think about it, is checking for when a heartbeat is detected in the brachial artery and then when that sound ceases. I find it highly suspect.

I’ve told him over and over – he has the RIGHT to say no to anything he’s not feeling comfortable with.

Thinking of starting a new YouTube channel

So someone is in the hospital. Now we know what his eye issue was and that’s being treated. Now if only we could get them to stop thinking it’s stroke and start fixing the eye issue. Or stop panicking about the blood pressure – which I know how to both take readings of and how to record it and apply statistical functions to the data. And every time I take his BP on mean it’s 130/80. In the hospital it shoots way up. To the point where the panic. Even one of the new nurses is doing what to my eyes was a neurological exam but it’s pretty clear he didn’t suffer a stroke.

But the dietary choices at this hospital have me thinking of starting a new YouTube Channel. It’ll detail what’s wrong with a lot of things and I have yet to get a name for it. But for example he’s on a low carb, high fat, protein and veggie diet. What did they offer for breakfast – waffles, pancakes, etc. So that would be my first video – and I’ve got adequate ammunition to pack it full.



U.S. Border patrol detains U.S. citizens

So in Montana a U.S. Border Patrol agent detained two women speaking Spanish. I told someone the reason I’m brushing up on my Spanish is because I just want a Border Patrol puke to say something to me and try to detain me.

It’s ridiculous – the U.S. has no official language. So I can just imagine the lawsuit that the ACLU is going to file. It ought to be a dilly. And I know phrases in Spanish, Italian and even a little Farsi. So I can wig a border patrol agent out.

Trump and his wall

So the Petulant Man Child in Chief (PMCC)is on the screen trying to defend his wall. One thing he said “Everyone wants to wall”. To which I replied “They should wall your ass in.”

If he really thinks a wall will stop the hordes of criminals crossing the border – note the sarcasm there, he is sorely mistaken. In fact the level of crime across the U.S. has been declining for years. Only the PMCC (See above) doesn’t read – not even Presidential Daily Briefs and so he just makes it up, or pulls it straight out of his ass.

Walls never worked. Need I mention one around Berlin? Or even the Chinese one didn’t help them against invading hordes.

The bigots don’t stop just like a certain battery bunny

So this time it’s in Kansas where they’re trying to say the the LGBT community is a religion so that they can discriminate against the LGBT community.

First let me say I have to lookup that Bill and pick it apart here. But I knew that the religious bigots would never stop. Oh the more overt bigots have faded into the woodwork but they won’t stop. If the Bill passes it’s sure to be brought up on challenge before the courts. Thereby costing the State of Kansas money to defend bigotry. Interesting when you think of it like that.

This little whereas clause grabbed my attention:

WHEREAS, All religion amounts to is a set of unproven answers to the
greater questions like “Why are we here?” and “What should we be doing
as humans?

I can answer the first and second – why are we here? Simple it started just after the event called the big bang, you know when the whole universe was a hot, dense soup. Then anti-matter and matter started forming. Eventually some of those gases gathered together, compressed and ignited forming stars. And those ancient stars spewed their guts providing carbon, oxygen, hyrdrogen etc. to spawn new stars and the leftover matter that didn’t ignite becomes rocky planets, and gas that didn’t have enough mass the gas giant planets. You’re getting the idea here right? We’re here just because. Isn’t that enough?

As to what we should be doing as humans – that’s a good one – we should be caring for our brothers and sisters, should be sponsoring legislation that isn’t hateful or disgusting, and shouldn’t be posting bills like the above. In fact if you want to get technical, what was Jebus all about? Love one another – that was the key message that you missed when you got stuck in the Old Testament when God was an asshole. How do you like it?

WHEREAS, The sworn testimonies of ex-gays, medical experts,
persecuted Christians and licensed ministers demonstrate that there is no
real proof that a gay gene exists, that the idea that sexual orientation is
predicated on immutability is not proven and that sexual orientation is a
mythology, dogma, doctrine or orthodoxy that is inseparably linked to the
religion of secular humanism; and
WHEREAS, The United States supreme court found that secular
humanism is a religion for the purpose of the establishment clause of the
1st amendment of the constitution of the United States in Torcaso v.
Watkins, 367 U.S. 488 (1961), stating “among religions in this country
which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the
existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular
Humanism and others”; and


See that little block of text tips their hand. They’re trying to conflate being gay with secular humanism aka agnostics, or atheists like me.

Know what I say about the Bible – the KJV by the way if you didn’t learn that and you learned it through some other version you’re doing it wrong. :) And I have it on good authority that King James was a fellow homosexual. Interesting.

The whole bill spends a good portion of the WHEREAS clauses trying to tie the LGBT community to Secular Humanism but has no fucking clue what Secular Humanism is. It’s laughable. Go read the whole thing here and you’ll see what I mean.

In a nutshell as I alluded to earlier – this Bill doesn’t stand a chance. I’m assuming cooler heads in the legislature of Kansas will quash it sooner than later – or tie it up in some committee in perpetuity. And with a Democratic governor it’s sure to be vetoed which I believe requires a 2/3 majority in most state constitutions to override. But if by chance they do succeed in the override, be ready for court challenges out the wazoo. Seriously.

The bigots will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future.