When Microsoft Screws the Pooch

Oh Windows 10 had me cursing. You see about a week ago Microsoft pushed an update that broke notifications, timer functionality etc.

This morning I go to use my computer only to discover it had restarted itself. And now notifications don’t perpetually show 1 open notification and the timer works again.

It’s like the bad old days with NT3 and NT4 – you used to apply service packs with great trepidation because they would frequently break things. And here we are full circle. It’s funny I’ve been with Windows 10 from near the beginning and I can see the gradual improvements, what in Bluetooth and network connectivity, etc.

It’s interesting to know Microsoft must have caught a full ration of shit for the update before this one and had to push the fix post haste. I mean really – a 64 bit OS and you don’t do full quality control when you make service packs for it? Really? What the fuck is going on inside Microsoft?

7 thoughts on “When Microsoft Screws the Pooch

  1. I recall that Microsoft Insider Preview program participants discovered a while back that Microsoft wasn’t doing ANY testing before sending Windows updates to them/us. So we were getting alpha releases of Windows. :-(

  2. I’ve had problems with both Apple (OSX) and Windows in all of i’s various releases. I never know what’s going to work or what they broke every time a new update comes out. And as someone else pointed out, some of the stuff they break are essential services and should have been caught before it was rolled out. It’s enormously frustrating

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