More on why I don’t trust doctors or med providers

You know, someone and I get into it because I have a very dim view of the medical profession. I often see we’re just a short distance from Torquemada in the way we do medicine. Doctors and surgeons are too ready to excise instead of restore. To ready to push a drug. Too ready to say things that are utterly and completely ridiculous.

One argument we had was over Dr. Eric Berg – he’s now pushing xylitol which I find abhorrent. Why? Because in other of Dr. Berg’s videos he’s extolled the virtues of Stevia/Erythritol which I actually like. And my least favorite non-sugar sweeteners are xylitol, sorbitol and saccharine – nasty chemical aftertaste with those.

You know there’s something I learned as a child – follow the money. Because once you do you start to understand that Doctors and NP’s etc. haven’t gotten much training on Nutrition. And then I realized Berg, Berry et al all publish books – and they go out and speak and they’re trying to sell books.

Plus there are MD’s how I not only seriously dislike but wanted to punch out. One of which I’ve written about before. He’s telling Keyron that he needs to eat 3 meals a day, that a potato is fine, etc. And that eating less than 3 meals a day resets the metabolism essentially lowers it. But Keyron brought up something interesting, if that were indeed the case then the Jews released from Nazi camps would have looked like beluga whales.

You see cognitive dissonance is a real thing – and when you experience from alleged professionals it causes you to re-evaluate your trust in said professionals. Especially those on YouTube. Because if you follow the money you immediately know what agenda they are pursuing.

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