Thinking of starting a new YouTube channel

So someone is in the hospital. Now we know what his eye issue was and that’s being treated. Now if only we could get them to stop thinking it’s stroke and start fixing the eye issue. Or stop panicking about the blood pressure – which I know how to both take readings of and how to record it and apply statistical functions to the data. And every time I take his BP on mean it’s 130/80. In the hospital it shoots way up. To the point where the panic. Even one of the new nurses is doing what to my eyes was a neurological exam but it’s pretty clear he didn’t suffer a stroke.

But the dietary choices at this hospital have me thinking of starting a new YouTube Channel. It’ll detail what’s wrong with a lot of things and I have yet to get a name for it. But for example he’s on a low carb, high fat, protein and veggie diet. What did they offer for breakfast – waffles, pancakes, etc. So that would be my first video – and I’ve got adequate ammunition to pack it full.



2 thoughts on “Thinking of starting a new YouTube channel

  1. I can sympathize with the BP issue. I’m the same way. The minute I get within a block of the clinic my BP goes up about 15 – 20 points. At home it’s consistently between 127 – 137. In a clinic or hospital it’s up around 145. I’m lucky though because I’ve been with that clinic for 15 years or more and they know me by now and they don’t go into a panic over it any more.

    What’s also annoying is the damned questions since I turned 65. Every time I go in there’s this lengthy checklist they’re required to go through. Is anyone abusing me, do I fall down, do I get dizzy spells, do I ever think about killing myself… Oh brother. Yeah, I know there are reasons for doing it. I made the mistake of admitting I fell once (hit a pothole when I was on the bicycle) and it took me 20 minutes to convince them I’m not prone to falling down, for heaven’s sake.

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