When Medicine gets it oh so wrong

So as I alluded to in another post my spouse has been in the hospital ICU for two days now. They have now given him a morphine/tylenol intravenous shot. They’ve done CT, Echo-cardiogram, EKG, etc.

Several nurses have also done what I consider as checks for neurological deficit. Ask name, DOB, does he know where he is, can he push up with each individual hand/arm, or leg etc.

It’s like they’ve become fixated on the idea of stroke but where there’s no smoke, there is no fire. His main complaint has been addressed and properly diagnosed. His right eye – he lost all vision in it and didn’t know why. The eye presented very red – but knew it wasn’t pink eye, and doubted it was infection as discharge from the eye was clear fluid. Suspected allergy – but we were wrong. It was intra-ocular pressure because the blood could not drain from the eye. The Ophthalmologist figured that out without delay.

For this he’s in the ICU. Yeah I know – I didn’t mention they totally over-reacted to his blood pressure AGAIN. I’ve noted that with medical professionals. They get really panicked about BP. Which when you think about it, is checking for when a heartbeat is detected in the brachial artery and then when that sound ceases. I find it highly suspect.

I’ve told him over and over – he has the RIGHT to say no to anything he’s not feeling comfortable with.

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