The Job Hunt here

So the job hunt here in Georgia has been sort of frustrating. Have a good phone screen only to be told they went with a contractor, etc.

So an HR person at a certain company reached out. She saw my resume and thought I might be interested. I emailed my abbreviated resume and we spoke early today. Well then the manager called me and he and I got on like a house on fire. So they’re gonna bring me in for what I euphemistically call the Troll Check.

Consider it’s been two months we’ve been down here. Not bad.

3 thoughts on “The Job Hunt here

  1. Job hunting can be damned frustrating. My youngest son applied for a position at a university. He got called down for an interview, everything went really well, they took him on a tour of the facility, bought him lunch and — and hired someone inhouse and he got the feeling they were never really looking for someone from outside to begin with. Grrrr

    1. Oh yes indeed – when I get the rejection email I always respond with some form of “your loss, not mine.”That’s actually gotten a few of them to reverse tactic and how I’ve ended up with a few jobs.

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