Month: February 2019

On the weather

So I note that the northeast is experiencing record cold and ice storms. All I can do about it since relocating out of there is laugh about it.

Because it might be rainy here but temps are up to 70F – in February. Gads I love it.

One thing we were informed about – in some areas around Atlanta power goes out quite frequently – in fact a friend worked at an office in the Georgia Power building and power even went out there. And of course they have to send everyone home because without air conditioning offices become intolerable.

But the area has gotten ice storms and the mere hint of a possibility of an ice storm shuts everything down around here. I like that very much.

And as I always say I’d rather roast than freeze.

When Prosyletization comes to the home

So the other day a service person had to come to our friends home. Nice enough guy but when he left he handed me this packer of religious material. Wasn’t in the mood to fight it but thought I’d dissect it here.


The Promise of Peace – really? Even when the Holy Land is contested it promotes peace? Or are we speaking of inner peace here? Highly doubtful.


I left them reversed because I don’t want to drive traffic to the web site.

Now the Health one – some good, some bad and some out there. For example:

1) Exercise – sure some is good for us.

2) Water – yes it’s good to stay hydrated with water.

3) Nutrition – here’s where it recommends a vegetarian diet. But I know that’s not true.

4) Sunshine – in moderation of course.

5) Balance or Moderation – sure this one applies.

6) Air – we now have two of the ancient elements. All we need now is Fire and Earth.

7) Rest – Yes rest is good for us. It restores the vigor, after a few cups of coffee that is.

And now wait for it, can you guess what 8 is? Of course it’s the God character. No way!


I did sort of make a face when he handed them to me. But I didn’t say anything but thank him.