Month: March 2019

New(Old) Music added to the library

First the Mamas and the Papas with California Dreamin’

Ides of March with Vehicle

Redbone with Come and Get Your Love – the surprising part they were all Native American

Isaac Hayes with the Theme from Shaft

Now don’t laugh – Barry Manilow with Copacabana.

So the above are the new tracks I’ve added to my music library this week.


West Virginia files suit against Catholic Diocese

Well men, women, boys and girls – it’s getting interesting for the old Catholic church. Seems they can’t keep burying the fact that priests in nearly every diocese are abusing kids.

You may have remembered I posted about Cardinal George Pell – now here’s the thing about Cardinals they are the Princes of the church. Seriously. It’s one step from there to being the Pope.

So the Republican Attorney General in West Virginia has filed a civil suit against the local diocese there. 

I’m hoping the time is up for the Catholic church. You can see little by little the armor being dinged and instead of remaining resolute, it’s severely denting credibility and ability to attract adherents to the church. Good.

Now let me be clear, I left Catholicism some 30+ years ago. I know the gig was up just through studies. Plus I didn’t respect a clerical collar. I understood the purpose of the uniform and knew that it was for intimidation not to mark a holy man. And what did I go to well atheism. I don’t need to get up early on a Sunday morning and tithe 10 or 15 percent of my income to the men of the church.

The river is subsiding

Not water but the river of shit. The antibiotics and anti-fungals seem to be doing the job.

Only little tiny bits leak out now. Not the rivers that run all down his ass, legs etc. This is good.

Because if this had gone on much longer I don’t know what I’d do.

Drowning in a river of well you know

So the other day I posted about the Proctitis that someone had – and how it was caused by a hospital acquired Clostridium Difficil infection aka C. Diff.

One thing I will say about C. Diff. is that it is literally a recipe for drowning in a river of shit. I mean really. I’ve never seen so much in my lifetime. And I’m fairly inured to vomit, blood, shit etc. I mean all over the place. Who knew a little intestinal nasty could be so, well nasty.

And I’ve had to clean up so much shit. I filched some nitrile gloves from the hospital but those are gone now. Now it’s just hot water and soap every time I deal with the pure torrent of shit that comes out someones nether regions. Not when he’s conscious and sitting up oh no, when he tries to sleep it leaks out his nether regions like some pestilential magma from the pits of hell.

I’ll be happy when we finally get him on the antibiotics and maybe this will dry things up some. Though I know on that antibiotics, specifically Cipro 500mg are pretty broad spectrum and non-discriminatory to the microbiome in the gut but still. Now I have to figure out what the hell is pro-biotic.

Dealing with Internal Combustion Fan Boys on YouTube

So here’s something I’m paraphrasing  from a little fun I’m having with ICE fan boy on YouTube:

I said that we should have government subsidy instead of incentives or in addition. This idiot called The Immoral replied:

You mean coal powered cars?

And I replied that it was a nice ad hominem to which The Immortal replied:
It’s not ad hominen.
You clearly don’t understand the meaning of the term.

I beg to differ. He’s obviously a pawn in the oil industry. The Immortal then goes on to say that the power/weight ratio of electric vehicles is awful.

To which I replied:
@The Immortal Chevy Bolt is 1.5 tons. A Tesla Model 3 is 1.6 to 2 tons. And you clearly don’t know what it is I’m talking about here. Ever see an electric car smoke the heck out of cars with IC engines? I have. Power/weight is meaningless there.
Fin, bon mot, etc.

A Medical Odyssey

ObFunny: We were in the grocery store conversing with the cashier when she asked how it was going I said it’s been a hell of an Odyssey over someones medical issues. She didn’t know what an Odyssey was so I explained it was an epic journey of sorts.

Well this medical odyssey – Someone (Not me) was having anal leakage all over the place. I’ve never cleaned up so much shit and blood in my life. A few days ago someone managed to get blood all over one of the bathrooms. A little bleach and water later and all cleaned up.

Two days later we present at the local Emergency Room – at 5:32PM. Final discharge time at 4:30AM. So eleven hours to find out he likely contracted a C. Diff infection when he was in the hospital a couple weeks ago. The treatment is cipro 500mg and metronidazole 500mg twice a day for seven days then probiotics to rebuild the wiped out gut microflora/microbiome.

But I feel bad for my guy – he’s been through a lot in the last eight months. I’m trying to be more patient about it, letting my sense of humor come out and play things like that. Event the initial doc we saw, well he was a student but still he was a good egg. So too the attending. I have to say the doctors at Emory Healthcare are good people. They don’t insult ones intelligence either. I appreciate that very much.

Now I know this will be about $4,000 for the visit. But I’m going to challenge it because as our good friends boyfriend said, they caused the infection, they should cover the ER visit. I tend to agree with him so when the bill comes I’m going to call and challenge it, saying their sloppy practices caused the issue and why should I have to pay for their fuck up. If they put up a fight I’ll get my attorney to call them. Because I’m a firm believe in if you broke it, you pay for it, not me.

Interesting tidbit on YouTube

So I think I’ve mentioned before I bought an unlimited VPN service a few years ago. I use it for diagnostics and such nefarious things.

Well I turned the VPN on and hit YouTube – suddenly restricted mode is off. Interesting. I’m going to switch the VPN off and see if maybe they fixed it in the U.S. or if perhaps Xfinity/Comcast is pulling some bullshit.

And upon turning off the VPN to Germany I note YouTube now displays the silly Restricted Mode bullshit. They really fucked something up badly.

YouTube is majorly screwed up

Nearly every video I watch on YouTube I see the following message:

“Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video.”


In the image above you can clearly see I have Restricted Mode turned off yet YouTUbe says “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video. ”

I try registering a complaint on their support site and it tells me it violates community standards. What the bloody fuck? I know they updated YouTube and I think they really screwed it up this time. I wonder if it’s time for a new video site.


Will the wonders never cease

I say that with some sarcasm, or facetiously.

On this very blog I’ve ripped into RI Governor Gina Raimondo and he appointing political hacks to reform the Health Insurance Portal in Rhode Island. And how they bungled the UHIP program – the one HP Enterprises walked away from in disgust.

What lands in my email today – now that I’ve relocated out of Rhode Island and into the state of Georgia:

Job Title: Linux Administrator

Job ID : NTTJP00017505               

Duration : 8+ months

Location : Providence, RI


  • The Rhode Island UHIP Project is seeking a talented Linux Administrator to join our project team to provide development and sustainment services for our clients, both pre and post-implementation.

  • This candidate will be a key software developer for the implementation and/or support of various client applications.

  • Responsibilities include working with System Architects and Business Analysts to understand business requirements and solutions architecture.

  • Not only will candidates be joining a project team, they will be joining a team of resources dedicated to delivering client engagements from an off-site location focused on common tools, technologies, and methodologies.

I’ve also gotten job postings for Oracle DB’s on the UHIP project. So now I know what they used for an OS and what DB platform they used. Very interesting.

Uh oh Google having issues

So I note YouTube is fucked up. Being it’s a Google property as is the Chrome browser I’m using it indicates that Google is having bigtime issues today. I’ve tried in Chrome, Edge, etc. to no avail. Cannot watch YouTube videos. Also note commenting is in restricted mode on YouTube.