Discussing Evolution of Humanity today

So my very good old friend and I were talking earlier. We were getting at why lots of African-Americans and even Native-Americans are lactose intolerant. It was then I mentioned how Native-Americans got here – when there was a land bridge connecting Asia with North America.

So I started thinking – the cow it’s main evolution occurred in Europe of all places. So it makes sense that the states in Africa never adapted to that. Then we got on the evolution of mankind, up out of Africa and into Europe and across the Caucuses region into Asia.

For example – I can tolerate lactose. In milk, cheese etc. But my old friend cannot tolerate the lactose. Plus she can’t tolerate pork.

But then we hit on it, in many places in Africa they had chickens, goats, sheep etc. Those are meats that my friend has no problem with.

I find the whole thing fascinating.

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